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No more bending over...
      No more dropping what you are carrying...

No more getting yelled at...
      No more getting the "stink-eye"..

Good things can come from wearing Tidy Trax...

Shoe Covers

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    By: Arleen Canestrale
    Location: Wallington, NJ

    Fast and accurate service and friendly, courteous and knowledgeable employees. Those tidy trax shoes are GREAT. We used to purchase those flimsy thin plastic shower-cap like watchmacallits to put over our bowling shoes to go outside - i've purchased sooooo many and constantly because they would get worn out on the bottom. Holes right through on the bottom and our bowling shoes would get wet if it was raining out. How in the world can you now bowl? Tried the powder route, almost killed myself! They were junk and Cheapy made. Hello, and $ 20 a clip. No way. They were a rip off (no pun intended!) Now, my husband and I wear our Tidy Trax shoes when we go outside for a cigarette during our bowling league night out. Nothing like a cigarette, coffee and dry bowling shoes! Easy to go on, easy to slip off, a really great investment and invention. If everyone in bowling knew about your Tidy Trax, everyone would buy them. Sorry but they are not too well known by the common folk who bowl. I wish I knew about these YEARS ago. When anyone in bowling sees my tidy trax, I give them your website or phone number.
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    Everyone loves them!!!
    By: Tom
    Location: Michigan

    • Easy to use
    • Fast
    I bought them for our inspection business. We used to use normal shoe covers but they were a pain to put on and take off. We love them! They save time by just stepping into them and stepping out of them. I have had several contractors look at them and ask were I got them. Even had a cable guy say he is ordering a pair.
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    By: Frustrated customer


    This product is great but the sizes they have in thr chart is confusing and thus will be my THIRD, TIME, replacing it because the in cm is awful.... They need to put SIZES not in cm. Its too confusing. Now I'm waiting for my next order for the third time!

    ***Dear Frustrated Customer,

    We are sorry that you are frustrated with cm... but our sizing ruler on the size chart offers both inches and cm for each size. We are confused by your dismay?? - Tidy Trax

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    So much easier than boot covers
    By: Kevin Hall
    Location: Mpls, MN

    • Easy to put on
    • durable
    • water proof
    • scuff proof
    As a satellite installer I am in and out of customers homes several times per install. I was constantly trying to pull on boot covers, which didn't fit very well over my winter boots. They would wear out fast, and leak water from melted snow. Usually it was just easier to pull my boots off, but in doing so, I always stepped on a wet rug. Then I found TidyTrax on the web and ordered a pair. WOW, what a difference! It is now so easy to go in and out, in and out, over and over. You just step into them, and they never fall off! I thought the price was a little high, but they are well worth it compared to the covers I had been buying. Now I am ordering a pair for my summer boots. Get the correct size because they are hard to get into if they are too small.
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    Great product! I wish I would've thought of inventing these first.
    By: Dave H
    Location: NJ

    • Durable
    • Comfortable
    • Reasonably Priced
    I've been using my first pair of Tidy Trax almost daily for over 6 months and they still work like the first day I started wearing them. I figured the way I stomp in and out of them with my size 13's hundreds of times a week they'd wear out internally and start falling off as I walked, but not the case. Very durable and well worth the money. They're starting to show their age externally now, and it's time to order at least two more pairs. (one pair for work, and one for home)

    As a plumber doing service calls I'm in and out of houses all day, and the most common thing my customers say when they see my Tidy Trax is, "wow, I've never seen anything like that". The worst thing about using traditional shoe covers, aside from them being a royal pain in the butt to put on and take off, is that once you're in the house, a lot of times you find yourself working in a dirty mechanical room or basement, and the shoe covers get dirty. So you're either tracking the dirt from the basement upstairs, or you're taking the shoe covers off before you go into the basement. So that means every time you need to run out to the truck for something, you're wrestling your shoe covers off or on FOUR times. Being able to step in and out of Tidy Trax practically in stride without using your hands, to me, makes this one of the best new products I've found in a long time.

    Thanks for making a solid product that makes my job easier and helps me to retain my customers.

    About TidyTrax

    Residential Use,
                        Commercial Use,
                                             and Do-It-Yourselfers.
    Plumber's, Electrician's, HVAC, Mover's, appliance Delivery and Installation, Alarm Experts,Carpenter's, Realtor's, Gardener's, Landscaper's, Bowler's, Boater's, Equestrian's, Agriculture,Mom's, Dad's, Son's and Daughter's....
    Tidy Trax are perfect for ANYONE who needs to go indoors without the inconvience of taking of their shoes.
        Tidy Trax also work to keep your shoes clean when going outdoors to get the mail or tools from your work truck. The possibilities are virtually endless!
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