Tidy Trax Shoe Cover
Returns / Exchanges

As a Tidy Trax customer, you are assured by our 30 day satisfaction guarantee.


  • Refunds will cover the original cost of the product which is $29.99 and not the shipping costs.
  • First time exchanges for a different size are handled at no charge. Subsequent exchanges for different sizes will have shipping charges associated.
  • Return items to Tidy Trax only if they were purchased from www.tidy-trax.com. If you purchased your Tidy Trax from Amazon, a distributor, retailer, or website other than www.tidy-trax.com, please request ALL refunds or exchanges from the place of your original purchase. If you mail them to us, we will mail them back to you at your expense.

Simply print and fill out our RMA form, then mail your Tidy Trax shoe covers to:

Tidy Trax / 311 Industries
434 Airport Road
Endicott, NY 13760

All returns and exchanges must be return in resellable condition. Any returned show covers that show signs of wear or abuse may not qualify.


* Shipping and handling charges of returns / exchanges are not refunded.

About TidyTrax

Residential Use,
                    Commercial Use,
                                         and Do-It-Yourselfers.
Plumber's, Electrician's, HVAC, Mover's, appliance Delivery and Installation, Alarm Experts,Carpenter's, Realtor's, Gardener's, Landscaper's, Bowler's, Boater's, Equestrian's, Agriculture,Mom's, Dad's, Son's and Daughter's....
Tidy Trax are perfect for ANYONE who needs to go indoors without the inconvience of taking of their shoes.
    Tidy Trax also work to keep your shoes clean when going outdoors to get the mail or tools from your work truck. The possibilities are virtually endless!
    Send us a photo of how you use your Tidy Trax!

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